Galen’s Cold Cream

The first cream in the history of cosmetology was produced by the Greek physician, doctor and philosopher, Claudius Galenus, better known as Galen of Pergamon. The name of his cosmetic invention is known to us, as “Cold Cream” because when you apply this product, it leaves a fresh and cool sensation, as water evaporates from…

Destination – Amore Pacific

Isn’t the vacation here yet? If you are in my shoes you still gotta wait few hours before you turn off the devices and board the summer fun train!

Caffe Pipe Lipstick

Hey, Europeans are known to be more open minded than their Northern American counterparts. So, if you have missed the news a fellatio cafe is going to open in Geneva. Yes, you heard me well. Caffe Pipe, which in French stands for the “blow-job cafe” is set to receive customers by the end of the year….

I want to make you sweat

Well, this is what the Summer of 2016 seems to be telling us. The scientists try to warn us for a while now about the global warming so maybe we should start taking them seriously. So now, all the people living in the Northern hemisphere and fighting the heat wave please raise your hand. Oh,…

La famiglia Daisy

A month back my family came to visit me. The principle on which our relationship functions is: “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” I am the mountain obviously. 

“Beach mode” make-up

The other day I came across a book published in the 80s that used to teach women how to apply make-up before the era of YouTube tutorials.  The title stands glamourous and bold “Be beautiful – The Complete Guide to the Art of Make-up”. Well, yes, this is what the 80s where all about: parties,…

Working out and other sport demons

Not very proud to say that but I am a bit of a “working out addict”. You might think I exaggerate. Recently more of my friends offer me food and try to convince me to eat as they are convinced I am having an eating disorder. The truth is I am not skinny. I am…

A brand you can Pronounce

In my life I have experimented with make-up a lot, and when I say a lot I really mean it. I remember as a teenager my grandma (God Bless her soul!) was constantly raiding my room in the search for cosmetics to be confiscated. She explained a thousand times how damaging the ingredients can be but…

The Oracle of Delphi Spoke

As I was telling you last week, our friend from Greece has joined our efforts to promote natural cosmetics and shared one of her own recipes, that she uses to manufacture natural wild orchid beeswax salve. Sounds delicious, right?

The American success story

America – Land of opportunities! Happy birthday to you! I have to say I love the American success stories, of people who made it from nothing to everything! 

The Eye of Horus

There is a thing about women and make-up. This sort of silent and indestructible relationship starts forming in the teenage years only to follow us for the rest of our lives, in some cases. Nowadays YouTube is filled with tutorials that can help you become a look-alike of your favourite star and bloggers teach you the…